Ecotherapy is a way of working therapeutically in outdoor spaces and is growing in popularity as a result of the pandemic.  Where our mental health and well-being is concerned outdoor spaces have always held a safety for us, and it is increasingly researched as an authentic and natural grounding for therapeutic connection.  Relationships create therapy; it is the most essential part of a successful therapeutic connection and the living world around us is our most vital relationship to work on, and in. As a rich system of connection itself, nature spaces are perfect for creating, and maintaining, therapeutic relationships that mirror back the strength of all that is around us. The systems and routines in nature often reflect the complexity of our own, yet show us a hope and resilience we look to harness in safe therapeutic ways.  Within the safety of nature and the elements we will formulate a goal for your therapy and work collaboratively to meet them.  I am fully insured for this work and embrace all open spaces in creative ways, please contact me for further information and to discuss how we can meet your therapeutic needs.